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Assembly Instructions

Most of the time, our chandeliers are shipped partly disassembled to protect them during transport.

Assembly sheets are packed in the boxes with the chandeliers.

In case of interest, we are able to provide professional installation of our chandeliers on site. The price for assembly is set individually according to a specific order.

Cleaning and Maintenance

No disinfectant, aggressive or abrasive agents may be used when cleaning the lamps. Clean with the utmost care with a Swedish cloth.


Crystals can be cleaned with a soft, lint-free cotton cloth. You must not use the Swedish cloth on anything other than chandeliers and wall lights to avoid leaving any other elements on the cloth or hard particles from previously wiped surfaces that could scratch the chandelier.

Use a spray specially designed for chandelier cleaning. If you’d like to purchase our own cleaning solution, please get in touch with us.

CAUTION: The power supply to the luminaires must be switched off during cleaning.

As for our decorative glass, it is usually very richly decorated, especially with gold and silver. Care should therefore be taken when cleaning them. Never wash the glass in an automatic dishwasher or use aggressive cleaning agents (e.g. sand) or too coarse sponges for washing dishes.

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