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1. Please note that all PRESTIGE & EXCELLENCE luminaires are handmade, so we cannot guarantee the exact match of our luminaires, including metal color and crystal color. Individual shapes, colors, and intensities may vary slightly and are considered part of the beauty of handmade manufacturing. Each of our products is original and custom-made from the beginning.


1. We are experts in custom manufacturing. Upon request, we design and manufacture custom-made luminaires. These luminaires are priced individually and delivery times are communicated for each specific order individually as well.

2. Standard cable and chain length between 30-50 cm is included in the price. Special requirements for chain and cable length are subject to individual price increases.

Prices and Packaging

1. All prices are EX WORKS from our factory in Turnov. They do not include VAT, light bulbs, assembly, transport, or export and import charges. All statutory taxes and charges must then

be added to the price.


2. Our products are standardly delivered without bulbs due to the different requirements of clients for their parameters (dimmability, light intensity, light color, price level, etc.). Upon request, we can prepare a recommendation and a price offer for the corresponding light bulbs.


3. Chandeliers are packed and shipped disassembled for maximum transport safety.

Installation instructions for the luminaires are included in the packaging.


4. The standard packing is included in the price. In case of a request for delivery of a fully assembled chandelier or the need for other special packaging, the quotation for such packaging will be provided individually.


5. All packaging materials are part of the order, and therefore the property of the buyer.

PRESTIGE & EXCELLENCE is not responsible for the removal and disposal of packaging material.


6. In the event that the client requires drawings or renders, we reserve the right to charge a fee for them. This fee will be communicated individually according to the complexity of the required output.


7. The validity of the offered prices is always two months from the day when the offer was sent to the client.

Transport Policy

1. Prices do not include transport, customs, and other costs and charges. We provide transport offers to clients according to preferred and specified transport conditions.

2. The shipping quote only includes basic insurance. We can have the insurance for the full order amount quoted by the shipping company upon the customer’s request separately.

3. The Customer is obliged to fill in the delivery report with the carrier in case of doubt about the status of the consignment. We recommend taking photos as proof of the status of the goods delivered. The Client is also obliged to inform PRESTIGE & EXCELLENCE of any damage incurred to the shipment. If the client fails to do so, PRESTIGE & EXCELLENCE automatically disclaims any liability for damage incurred during transportation.

4. PRESTIGE & EXCELLENCE assumes no responsibility for the safety of the goods during transport.

Shipping Times

1. Depending on the required product types from our standard offer, delivery times range from 2 to 8 weeks. Please contact us to find the delivery time for your specific order.

2. Delivery times for custom products are evaluated individually.

3. The time of transport is not included in the production time.

In Stock

1. We maintain a limited stock of products that are available for shipment in a short amount of time. If you are interested in our stock products, please send us an e-mail to, where you will get a list of all stock products, or you can find this list on our website as well.


1. The only accepted payment instrument is a standard bank transfer.

2. 50% of the total value of the product shall be required before production commences.

3. Production shall commence only after receipt of the requested amount in the PRESTIGE & EXCELLENCE bank account and the day of receipt of the amount is the first day of the production period.

4. The payment is considered received when the total amount stated on the issued invoice is credited to the account. If a lower amount arrives on the account, e.g. due to a transfer from foreign banks, the missing amount will be added to the final payment for the entire order.

5. We reserve the right to charge for any remaining order payments at the time the Products are made, including any remaining product and shipping costs, as well as any applicable fees.

6. Products are sent to the client only after the settlement of all issued invoices and receipt of all payments to the bank account of PRESTIGE & EXCELLENCE


1. We offer a standard two-year warranty on all our products under the law. The warranty does not cover defects caused during the transport of products or improper handling during installation, cleaning of lighting fixtures, etc.


1. All PRESTIGE & EXCELLENCE products have a valid CB (CE) certificate, which is the most widespread global certification system in the field of electrical products. Visit this site to learn more about CB certification.

2. All PRESTIGE & EXCELLENCE products also have a valid Russian GOST certificate.

3. Other required certifications for our products (e.g. Certificate of Originality) may be provided upon request for a fee.


1. In case of interest, we are able to provide professional installation of our chandeliers on-site. The price for assembly is set individually according to a specific order.

2. The content of the paragraphs below is not part of the offer for the installation of chandeliers (and the client must therefore ensure the following):

  • Unloading: ensuring the unloading of the goods at the assembly site is not included in the price offer for assembly and is fully paid and provided by the client. Unloading of goods by the driver at the assembly site can only be carried out on the ground floor, however, the driver is not obliged to help with the unloading of the goods.

  • The client must ensure the drilling of suitable hooks and threaded rods into the ceiling and walls at his/her own expense by a competent person based on the manufacturer's recommendations. This is an intervention in the building structure for which the manufacturer does not have sufficient information about the building or the right to intervene in the structure. The same applies to the provision of suitable scaffolding, steps, and other tools necessary for installation – electric drill, impact drill driver, concrete drill bits, angle grinder, etc.

  • The client is also obliged to ensure the presence of an electrician during the installation and a person familiar with the construction.

  • The client is obliged to inform PRESTIGE & EXCELLENCE about any specifics of the building and its electrical installation (for example smart systems). In case of failure to do so, PRESTIGE & EXCELLENCE shall not be liable for any consequences that may arise.

3. Only the following items are included in the assembly offer unless stated otherwise:

  • Travel costs of the PRESTIGE & EXCELLENCE assembly team

  • Accommodation costs of the PRESTIGE & EXCELLENCE assembly team

  • Labor costs of the PRESTIGE & EXCELLENCE assembly team

  • Food costs of the PRESTIGE & EXCELLENCE assembly team

4. If the installed luminaire is connected to a smart control system, it is the client's responsibility to ensure the compatibility of the control system and the selected light bulbs.

Cleaning and Maintenance

No disinfectant or aggressive/abrasive agents may be used when cleaning the lamps. Clean with the utmost care with a Swedish cloth. Crystals can be cleaned with a soft, lint-free cotton cloth. You must not use the Swedish cloth on anything other than chandeliers and wall lights to avoid leaving any other elements on the cloth or hard particles from previously wiped surfaces that could scratch the chandelier.


CAUTION: The power supply to the luminaires must be switched off during cleaning. As for our decorative glass, it is usually very richly decorated, especially with gold and silver. Care should therefore be taken when cleaning them. Never wash the glass in an automatic dishwasher or use aggressive cleaning agents (e.g. sand) or too-coarse sponges for washing dishes.

General Terms and Conditions

These conditions apply to all orders from PRESTIGE & EXCELLENCE and may change according to a specific written agreement. PRESTIGE & EXCELLENCE reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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