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As with all Prestige & Excellence chandeliers, the parts of the Clarit chandelier are made from the highest quality crystal and brass. The chandeliers are hand-manufactured in the traditional Bohemian region without an exception. The uniqueness of the Clarit chandeliers is that all parts of the chandeliers are often coloured by a metal coated colour called Clarit but the chandeliers also look very beautiful with just clear crystal.



  • Shiny Gold / Matte Gold / Matte Brushed Gold / Brushed Gold / Antique Gold
  • Shiny Silver / Matte Silver / Matte Brushed Silver / Brushed Silver / Antique Silver
  • Other finishes available on request



  • 6 lights color - Ø 60 x H 55 cm, 5,5 kg (AEU 167061100LS)
  • 8 lights  - Ø 70 x H 70 cm, 9 kg (AEU 167081101LS)
  • 8 lights color with lamp shades  - Ø 70 x H 70 cm, 9 kg (AEU 167081102LS)
  • 10 lights color  - Ø 77 x H 75 cm, 10 kg (AEU 167101100LS)
  • 12 lights  - Ø 83 x H 77 cm, 12,5 kg (AEU 167121101LS)
  • 18 lights  - Ø 100 x H 85 cm, 20 kg (AEU 167181101LS)
  • 18 lights color  - Ø 100 x H 85 cm, 20 kg (AEU 167181100LS)
  • 18 lights color with lamp shades  - Ø 100 x H 85 cm, 20 kg (AEU 167181100LS)

Clarit Crystal Chandelier

  • The dimensions are always listed without the chain and the ceiling canopy. The standard length of the chain is 30-50 cm. On request, we will extend the chain as needed for a fee.

  • As a manufacturer, we are not limited by our standard production. If you like the design of one of our lightings but you need to adjust the size, the number of bulbs, colours, or completely change some parts of the lighting, we can customise it just for you.

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